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Genuine Toshiba PA3594U-1BRS Rechargeable 10.8V 4900mAh Lithium-Ion Notebook Battery
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Genuine Toshiba PA3594U-1BRS Rechargeable 6-Cell 10.8V 4900mAh Lithium-Ion Notebook BatteryGeneral Features:Genuine Toshiba Lithium-ion rechargeable batteryNumber of battery cells: 6Capacity: 10.8V,...

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Genuine Toshiba PA3594U-1BRS Rechargeable 6-Cell 10.8V 4900mAh Lithium-Ion Notebook Battery
General Features:
Genuine Toshiba Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Number of battery cells: 6
Capacity: 10.8V, 4900mAh, 57Wh

Compatible Toshiba Notebooks:
Dynabook CX/45C CX/45D CX/45E CX/47C CX/47D CX/47E
Dynabook SS M40 180E/3W M40 186C/3W M41 186C/3W M41 200E/3W
Equium U300-15i U300 Series
Portégé M600-E320 M600-E340 M600-E360 M600 Series M601 M602 M603 M606
Satellite Pro U300, U300-002, U300-003, U300-100, U300-106, U300-10U, U300-10W, U300-10Z, U300-116, U300-11K, U300-11R, U300-121, U300-13F, U300-13O, U300-13P, U300-13R, U300-13Y, U300-142, U300-143, U300-148, U300-14D, U300-14R, U300-14S, U300-15B, U300-15C, U300-15D, U300-15N, U300-RW1, U300-RW7, U300-SP1809
Tecra M8, M8-RW8, M8-S8011, M8-S8011X, M8-ST3093, M8-ST3094
Satellite U300, U300-102, U300-10M, U300-10S, U300-111, U300-112, U300-113, U300-114, U300-115, U300-11P, U300-11Q, U300-11V, U300-11Y, U300-11Z, U300-12D, U300-12G, U300-12S, U300-130, U300-134, U300-137, U300-13H, U300-13I, U300-13J, U300-13K, U300-13L, U300-13M, U300-13N, U300-13U, U300-13V, U300-13Z, U300-141, U300-144, U300-149, U300-14B, U300-14K, U300-14O, U300-14P, U300-14Q, U300-14U, U300-14Z, U300-150, U300-151, U300-152, U300-153, U300-154, U300-159, U300-15A, U300-15C, U300-15P, U300-15Q, U300-15S, U300-15W, U300-AY1, U300-AY3, U300-NS1, U300-NS5, U300-ST3091, U300-ST3094, U300-TP2, U300-TP7, U305-S2804, U305-S2806, U305-S2812, U305-S2816, U305-S5077, U305-S5087, U305-S5097, U305-S5107, U305-S5127, U305-S57402, U305-S7432, U305-S7448, U305-S7449, U305-S7467, U305-S7477

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