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Gaming Glasses Computer Anti Fatigue Blue Light Blocking UV Protection FilterTHESE ARE NOT PRESCRIPTION READING GLASSES, THEY ARE BLUE LIGHT...

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Gaming Glasses Computer Anti Fatigue Blue Light Blocking UV Protection Filter
Bringing Transparency To A Fear-Mongering Industry
Digital screens have become routine to our daily lives. We rely on our phones and other devices to get through our day. What we don’t realize is how much the blue lights that the screens give off can affect us on a day to day basis; these lights can pass through all protective eye structures and hit the retina at the back of your eye and make subconscious changes to our bodies.
Do blue lights affect sleep quality?
Yes, our brains generate a hormone called melatonin that makes us sleepy. When the blue lights reach and activate the retina, it is a signal for the brain to stay up and lower the melatonin levels by 30%, which then reduces alertness the next morning and creates a less productive day. Blue light glasses can block a substantial amount of these harmful blue light rays, with yellow lenses being even more helpful. Researchers at the University of Toronto compared the melatonin levels of people exposed to bright indoor light while wearing blue light blocking glasses to people exposed to dim light without the glasses and their melatonin levels were the same. Additionally, a study done at the National Academy of Science, supplied people with e-readers and paperback books, in a controlled room before they went to sleep. They found that those with the e-books, had suppressed melatonin and took them significantly longer to fall asleep, as opposed to those with the paperback books.
Do blue light glasses help with eye strain and headaches from blue light which is being emitted from screens?
Questionable studies have found that those with higher blue light blocking glasses had a significantly lower amount of eye strain than the people without it. A study done at the BMJ eye clinic, gave 2 hours of computer tasks; they randomized it with people with minimal and high blue light blocking glasses. The subjects with higher blue light blocking glasses had less eye strain. However, the results were subjective and the overall body of research on this topic has shown mixed results, most of the positive feedback is from personal testimonials; but, with our company's low price point and free return policy, it is definitely worth the try!
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